Just follow this handy guide on how to arm yourself for high level wizard PvP! You'll soon have them in the palm of your hands! 💪👴👌-----------BUILD NOTES & LIFE STORY---------- Prepare for a long ass preachin' about the Preacher's right Arm.- Now this build really took some time to make work alright....- You'd think it would be simple, the damage and speed is great!- It really is a beast in PvE, you can simply pump out the damage!- Might be Dark Hand levels of abuse for low levels. Since the scaling is very interesting.- Damage is boosted by the Magic clutch Ring, Flynn's and the Leo Ring, it deals THRUST damage.- As for weapon scaling, it does NOT scale of int, so you can leave your INT at 14.- It scales somewhat from STR, with the following numbers tested on hollows with no rings.- With 99STR you deal 217 damage, 50STR does 211, 40STR does 209, 30STR does 203, 20STR does 195 and minimal STR does 191.- With this knowledge, I settled on 28 STR so I could also use large shield.- So it works at better at lower Soul Levels. I did it at SL95, 80 would be better.- Now the bad part, it has NO hyper armor of any kind. You had better hope you hit first.- And even worse, it lacks a true combo/hitstun. It is very odd. It is REALLY inconsistent. They can often roll out after being hit 1-2 times.- I even tried this with magic shield with shields that let you use the weapon art. Even then it had troubles. But then I found a better idea.- I eventually messed around with Iron Flesh, and of course that makes anything viable.- The problem is no one falls for that, I have no idea why people are so unfamiliar with the Havel Buff. But I ain't complaining.- Now the problem is that smart players won't go anywhere close to you now. - So after using the havel buff rather than unequiping the shield swap it for the Caestus, we need the weapon art.- The weapon art Perseverance gives you hyper armor for 2-6 seconds, depending on the weapon you cast it with.-Also reduces damage by about 50% according to the wiki!- Use this for portable poise! It even lingers after you swap out your weapon.- A final tip for the arms, do NOT lock on when they roll around you. The tracking is TERRIBLE. Free aim it. It's cheap to spam so you will clip them eventually.So after all this work... It really is just more effective to use the Dragon Shield or conventional weaponry. A odd weapon these arms, it has so much going for it, but has a critical flaw. Makes me like it though.======MUSIC CREATIVELY COMMONED========Cold Funk & Fretless -incompetech.comFor Master Kurokage & Sprouts of Fire - Senran Kagura Shinovi Versus OST Main Theme - Condemned Criminal Origins OSTTrembling City of Aris - Namco x Capcom

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