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THUNK - 116. The War on Science

The so-called "War on Science" isn't about hostility, it's a simple case of forgetting how science is different.-Links for the Curious-The March for Science Website -“The War on Science,” by Shawn Otto, a very thorough analysis of the history & causes of the political & social efforts to deliberately undermine scientific authority - Scientific American: “Is There Really a War on Science?” - Slate: “The war on science is a trap. The science march should step carefully.” - Spanking & Anecdotal Evidence - 88. Hume's Guillotine & Rational Morality - Science vs. Philosophy, an Ancient (Non-)Debate - Science, Pseudoscience, & the Demarcation Problem - great examples of how bias can cause us to wander away from the scientific method (thanks Your2ndPlanB!):Gender bias in research: how does it affect evidence based medicine? by Anita Holdcroft - framework to analyse gender bias in epidemiological research -

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